Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)

Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)


Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)
PC | 2003 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer:Black Box | 1.5 GB
Genre: GT / Street Racing

In 2003, the Need for Speed universe, and racing games everywhere, changed forever with the release of Underground. Moving away from the exotic supercars of the first six titles, it focused heavily on illegal street racing and the import tuner market, which had grown exponentially in popularity with the release of blockbuster films like The Fast and the Furious.
Underground featured something nobody ever thought a Need for Speed game would: a storyline. Also new was the ability for players to completely customize their cars with name brand upgrades to the exterior or under the hood. Another new feature was that all races took place at night in an anonymous city that looked like a composite of several major American locales. New game modes included Drag, Circuit, and Drifting, a challenge that didnt involve getting the best lap time.
In an effort to discourage illegal street racing, the game began with a disclaimer featuring Need for Speed producer Marc De Vellis warning players to keep their extreme driving within their game consoles.
Circuit is a standard race that involves racing with up to four opponents cars around a loop track for one lap or more, and is the main mode of the game. For about the last 4 races of underground mode, the number of players decreases to only 1 rival, and the number of laps reach up to seven (Endurance Race)
Knockout Mode is similar to previous Need for Speed titles, involves knocking out the last racer who passes the starting line in each lap until the final leader of the race remains, and wins the race. In the case of Underground, Knockout sessions have a maximum of three laps for four racers.
Sprint mode is a variation on the Circuit mode, where the contestants race in a point to point track instead of loop tracks. These races are typically shorter than circuits (with a maximum of 8 km in length), so players are required to be more cautious of any mistakes during racing.
Drifting is the most challenging and technical aspect of the game. Drifting is when during a race you intentionally slide around a corner at high speeds. Drift mode consists of one player in a short loop track, where the objective is to collect as many points as possible by drifting along the track. The player competes with three other contestants, who appear to accumulate scores along with the player during the drift session. The player would be required to beat these scores in order to obtain top positions.
Bonuses are awarded for players who drift in the outer borders of the track, drift vertically, or perform chained drifting (continuous drifting by constantly steering the vehicle during drifts to maintain speed); if the player succeeds in ending a drift without collisions onto the sides of the track, the collected points are added into the score, otherwise, the collected points are cancelled.
Drift mode is the only type of racing where time taken to complete the track does not matter, since players are given the freedom to complete the allocated number laps at their own pace. This may explain the absence of nitrous oxide in this mode, since it serves no apparent purpose in this situation.
Drag racing is the second most technical form of race in the game. It involves racing against one or three cars on typically straight tracks, and attempting to obtain top positions to win. In order to master Drag mode, players must employ good timing and reflexes for gear shifting, redlining, overtaking, and the use of nitrous oxide boosts;Because the player is going to put the engine to its limits the mode places particular emphasis in monitoring the tachometer during races, which is enlarged and situated on the leftmost portion of the screen. Steering in this mode is simplified to simply allow for lane changes, while the computer handles the steering along the lanes, and the player focuses more on maintaining an optimum speed for the car.
Two conditions will result in players being forfeited during a drag race: head on collisions with an opponent, barriers, traffic cars or dividers (being Totaled); or blown engines as a result from prolonged redlining and the subsequent overheating of the engine.
ISO (.nrg files but work practically the same)
Patch 1.40
No CD crack of said patch
Instructions for the absent minded.
System requirements
Windows 98 or better
700 MHz CPU
128 MB RAM for 98/ME (256 MB RAM for 2000/XP)
2 GB hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 compatible 32 MB AGP graphics card with one of these chipsets Radeon 7500; GeForce 2; Matrox Parhelia; SIS Xabre; Intel 865
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card

Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)
Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)
Need For Speed Underground (Full ISO/2003)


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